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Name: Kimi

Age: 28, but I don't act my age... be warned~

Location: Gold Canyon, Arizona

About Me: I am a child at heart who enjoys most child-like things. I never act my age, but that's mostly disability-related. I am also diagnosed with a high-functioning form autism. I started writing when I was in the fifth grade, but I didn't pick it up until my late teens or so. :3

About My Journal: There are times when I'll post about writing-related things, but it's mostly just random moments in my life!

What I Write: I write what I call disability fiction. Basically, I write about characters with disabilities and put them in tough situations where they have to deal with them and learn more about their lifestyles. :3

What I Don't Write: I don't really have a preference for things I don't write. It depends more on my mood and what I feel like writing. I can't name all of the genres I don't write either because that would take ages. XD

What I Read: I love, love, love to read anything related to mental health, disabilities and LGBT as well. These types of stories are inspiring for me, and they also help me gain more knowledge on how to write my own stories.

What I Don't Read: I don't read anything with huge stereotypes. I also don't read horror or anything related to gore or incest either.

Could I Edit Someone Else's Work: Not really. I'm horrible at editing my own stories as it is, so it'd be even harder for me to edit someone else's work as well. :c

I hope I did this right. :c I also don't know what the tags are here. ;o;


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