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Name: Cassie

Age: 26

Location: Ohio, US

About Me: Just a girl who enjoys writing fanfic (mostly femslash), taking care of her cat, knitting, playing The Sims and a few other PC games, trying to keep her cactus alive, and fangirling. Public intro post is here.

About My Journal: Life, fandom things do pop up occasionally (I’m really into movies and TV, so I often mention what I’ve seen or am watching), I talk about my friends and family, etc. Just the day to day stuff. 

What I Write: Been writing for 9 years and started with fanfiction; it’s my main medium. I’ve dabbled in fiction, poetry, and script writing over the years.

What I Don't Write: Historical, western, horror, sci-fi.

What I Read: Fanfic, memoirs, fiction, non-fiction. I’ll read just about anything that I find interesting. I read a lot of YA. Romance is my preferred genre.

What I Don't Read: *see what I don’t write*

Could I Edit Someone Else's Work: You bet’cha!  :) 


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