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Name: dryadinthegrove

Age: I first used a computer in 1981, and sent my first email in 1984. So, OLD.

Location: New England USA

About Me: Mother, writer, bellydancer, bookstore clerk (aw yissssss). Terrible housekeeper.

About My Journal: I'm sure I will post as rarely on dw as I did on lj, la. Back in the day I was a near daily blogger on wordpress, but having found most of my fellow IF Islanders on facebook, for me, daily blogging has gone the way of the dodo.

What I Write: For my original work, I write Science Fiction. For fanfiction, I've got a crazy long Sherlock WIP that I'm working on, as well as writing in Lewis. I wrote in X Files for many, many years. I do a lot of fanfic challenges, because challenges are fun.

What I Don't Write: Westerns. Modern fiction. Non-fiction.

What I Read: Well, I work in a bookstore, so It's more a question of what don't I read. For non-fiction: history, travel adventure, psychology, biography, politics, cookbooks. For fiction: science fiction, fiction, mystery, poetry. Authors I like: Diane Les Becquets (Breaking Wild is AMAZING), Erica Bauermeister, Ann Leckie, Susan R. Matthews, James S.A. Corey, James Alan Gardner, Tanith Lee, NK Jemison, Nicola Griffith, Tana French, Peter Robinson, Abraham Verghese, Sarah Waters, John Scalzi.

What I Don't Read: Well, I always say Romance, it's just that I prefer 19th Century ideas of Romance, which always contain a lot of tragedy. Westerns, epistlatory fiction, any book where the cover features a woman with her back to the reader, walking or running away. Authors: Jodi Picoult, JK Rowling, Kameron Hurley (just her fiction, I <3 her non-fiction).

Could I Edit Someone Else's Work: Hell to the yes. Genre does not matter.

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