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Name: M

Age: teetering towards 30

Location: USA

About Me: I am more enthusiastic about plants than I am good at keeping them alive, I'd eat butter by the spoonful if I thought I could get away with it, and I can't sing but I'm pretty damned good at karaoke regardless. I used to be oh_simone on LJ, still oh_simone on ao3.

About My Journal: It's currently all old entries imported from LJ, but I'm hoping to ease back into a more sociable corner of fandom internet. I hope that DW will be a space for workshopping some writing projects, fan and orig.

What I Write: currently, mostly fanfic. None of my original stuff has ever seen light of day, but I've got bits and pieces of notes for just about everything-- some fantasy, mystery, family drama, historical, political intriguing.

What I Don't Write: I'm really terrible at and have little to no interest in writing sex scenes in general. Genre-wise, I'd never say never.

What I Read: A bit of everything. I particularly enjoy non-fiction food/travel writing, city histories, political intrigue, fantasy, and any character-driven books. I'm also a low-key sucker for Southern Gothic and true crime.

What I Don't Read: I find I generally like the ideas of sci-fi and mystery/thriller more than I like the executions. Also, anything about the white male mid-life crisis is almost always an automatic nope.

Could I Edit Someone Else's Work: Yes! I would genuinely love to build up my own capabilities and experience as a beta/editor, so by all means.

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