Mar. 18th, 2017

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 Name: Iblis

Age: 32

Location: USA

About me: I'm a gamer, artist and writer by hobby, an aircraft mechanic by trade. I'm open minded, passionate, caring and strong willed. I have a deep love and passion for English - hell, all language - and enjoy using my poetic style to construct thought provoking and emotion inducing works of art. I enjoy researching history, science but also the more hard to find and obscure canon archives of my favored fandoms. I like to find deeper meaning in curious, quirky things and hold a profound respect for the characters I write as, and by proxy a deep respect for their creators and writers.

About My Journal: Mostly I post about random snippets of what's going on in my life, occasionally I'll post one of my fictions here. I'd like to use my blog for roleplay but we'll see how it goes.

What I Write: Character muse based fiction, including anime, manga and video games. These genres include science fiction, horror, super natural, fantasy, drama, action and sometimes a hint of romance in the middle.

What I don't write: I'm not interested at all in writing Original Character work at this time. I have a very busy life between my career and social activities and I do not have the energy or time to create any real character traits or anything past general looks and maybe some motivations, perhaps a name. That, and I'm usually uncomfortable with smut. It's rare I will write it and I have to be very comfortable with the individual writing with me. That, or it needs to make sense to the plot.

What I read: Fiction, sci-fi, horror, and expressly thoughtful pieces. If it doesn't engage my brain, I'm not interested.

What I don't read: There's no nice way to say it, but I don't read badly written, thoughtless crap.

Could I Edit Someone Else's Work:
Yes, I'm sure I could. I'm quite the beta and a bit of a grammar nazi. But do I have the time? No. No, not at all.

Below are a list of my current fandoms and muses just for added information:
Hopefully that's okay...


  • Tieria Erde

  • Regene Regetta

  • Ribbons Almark

  • [Dabbles in all Innovades or the faction Innovator]

Sengoku BASARA:

  • Date Masamune

Tales of [Series]:

  • Mikleo

Yu Yu Hakusho:

  • Kurama [Minamino Shuuichi]

Makai Ouji [Devils and Realist]:

  • William Twining

  • King Solomon

Star Ocean:

  • Albel Nox

  • Faize Sheifa Beleth

Nabari No Ou:

  • Yoite

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner Kuzunoha Raidou:

  • Kuzunoha Raidou [Raido]


  • Loki Laufeyson [Comics/Mythology]


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