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Name: Kimi

Age: 28 (but I don't act my age)

Location: Arizona

About Me: I'm a very lovable person according to others. I get excited and hyperactive quite easily. I'm also a HUGE child at heart, and I tend to be quite childish and immature. Um... not sure what else to say because I suck at this. ;w;

About My Journal: My journal is mostly random musings, but I do go into disability stuff as I am disabled myself. I also fangirl at times, but I do try to keep it mostly to tumblr. Other stuff I write about have to do with my writing and what I'm working on.

What I Write: I write mostly disability fiction. I also like to write about romance and drama at most. I do have a horror/mystery story I've worked on in the past, but yeah... most of my stories deal with the main character having various disabilities such as autism.

What I Don't Write: Hm... I don't really like to write thrillers, action or anything else like that. I also don't like writing about rape or sex either. These things are basically my weakest points. ><;

What I Read: I love reading fantasy stuff. Like, omg. <3 I can't get enough of fantasy at all. I also like reading stories about disabilities and mental health as well. It's a shame that you don't see it very often though, at least not in an MC point of view.

What I Don't Read: Same as what I don't write.

Could I Edit Someone Else's Work: Not really. I can't even edit my own work, and my skills in writing aren't very good as I'm self-taught. :c

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