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Name: Lindsey

Age: 31

Location: Southeastern US

About Me: Jill of all trades, mistress of some? Four cats. Married. Work part time at a college. Going to grad school in the fall. Left leaning feminist. Cook, baker, candlestick maker (okay, I haven't tried that yet). I'm trying to teach myself guitar. I'm a gamer (I don't do MMOs). I have too many hobbies and distractions and that leads to my being a procrastinator. Currently mildly obsessed with: Supernatural, Dishonored, Fallout: New Vegas, Skyrim.

About My Journal: I've been absent for a while, because I live on a variety of social media. I grew upon Livejournal and moved over to DW about the time I stopped blogging quite as much. But I've recently consolidated my main and fanfiction journals, so I'll probably be posting more often.

What I Write: What I like. Dark fantasy, urban fantasy, with the occasional jaunt into other genres (particularly horror, erotica). I write original fiction as well as fanfiction (I'm a slasher and a shipper but no, I don't do shipwar bull). My original fiction (that I share) mostly ends up on blogger (I link to it).

What I Don't Write: Westerns. Um...crime? General fiction or "literary." (Sometimes this changes.)

What I Read: A little bit of everything. Fantasy, horror, non-fiction, literature classics.

What I Don't Read: Westerns, crime/legal/thriller type stuff, high fantasy. (Sometimes this changes.)

Could I Edit Someone Else's Work: If I have time (so, the shorter the work the more likely I can give you an assist). My undergrad is in English. But don't let that freak you out. I'm not going to smack you with a ruler if you misspell something and I break the rules of grammar often.

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Name: [personal profile] slynnhunt S. Lynn Hunt

Age: 33 as of April.

Location: Southern United States.

About Me: I am a woman who likes to read, and likes to write, and I like to be very involved in the things I like. I've been told I over-analyze things, but that's okay, that's how I like it. I read to engage my mind and heart as well as be entertained, and when I write, I hope to do the same to my potential future readers.

About My Journal: This journal is dedicated only to my writing. It's fairly new, so there aren't many posts yet, but what's coming are more posts about the project I'm currently working on. Right now, the posts are limited to word count and some vague mentions of what's going on (there's a gruesome crime scene coming up!). This is mostly a personal superstition thing, as I'm scared that if I share more I'll jinx it and never finish. As I continue with the project, gain more confidence of actually finishing, then I will probably start to share more about the characters, world, and tidbits of the plot.

What I Write: Mostly fantasy. Dark, epic, fantastic-realism is my usual. What I'm currently working on is more like soft science fiction, though. Maybe an urban fantasy, depending on your view. There's also an element of murder mystery.

What I Don't Write: Romance or erotica. Up until a few days ago, I'd have said mystery because I didn't think I'd be very good at it, but here we are.

What I Read: Mostly fantasy, but I've been known to pick up and read almost anything, so long as it catches my attention. I like a good mystery, thriller, horror, even the occasional romance that has more going on than just romance. I don't normally read hard scifi; my kind of science fiction book are the Star Trek tie-in novels. Authors I like are: Stephen King when he's on his game, Jim Butcher, J.K. Rowling, KAREN MILLER (READ ALL HER THINGS), Mercedes Lackey, Jacqueline Carey, Gregory McGuire, George R. R. Martin. Catherynne M. Valente is an author I admire for being so different and beautiful, but I can't really say I like her work. I read it, though. I will read certain religion/spirituality-centric nonfiction, but on the whole I avoid it.

What I Don't Read: I'd like to stay away from books with love-triangles in them (I can't stand them), but it's a little hard to do that, since everyone seems like think love-triangles are awesome. I would not read erotica as a choice, but have done so to support friends who do, either as a reader or as an editor. No, I have not read Twilight. I tried. I got to page 19 and had to stop. (Thanks to Mark Oshiro and [personal profile] cleolinda, I do know what happens in the books.) Nonfiction (except occasionally).

Could I Edit Someone Else's Work: I have done editing work before, but I'm not currently because I'm focused on my own writing.
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Name: Gavin will do.

Age: 31

Location: Portland, Oregon

About Me: Another inspiring writer (I know, shocker, in a community like this) just getting back into that after a very long hiatus. I kind of wanted to network with other writers for motivation/inspiration/commiseration/guinea pigs to try my own work out on but haven't had a great time finding a larger community specifically for that, so here I am. 

About My Journal: Its what these things usually are, I ramble on about my life like its interesting and rant about stuff that annoys me to be entertaining; its access only because of past issues with people elsewhere, I'm open to adding new people. I made a second writing journal [personal profile] tricksterswritingdesk  that so far is empty but when/if I post any of my actual writing it will be there.

What I Write: Long stuff - traditional novel long, not internet long. I don't do short fiction, drabbles, or anything like that, it has to be some massive beast of a project or I'm just not in, I'm nuts like that. I used to write horror way back when, I still love the genre most of the time, but my current beast of a project is probably more a dark fantasy than anything else.

What I Don't Write: Short stories, fanfiction. Light hearted stuff. Introductions posts - well, I write those, just not good at it.

What I Read: Horror; fantasy; crime (provided its at least somewhat realistic). I love reading about trickster figures and anti-heroes with a strong sarcastic streak, entertaining and/or realistic villains. A plot where I can't immediately see where its going, that seems like it might be something different. Anything really, if it captures my interest.

What I Don't Read: Straight up romance (romance as part of the plot is fine); porn with no plot; romance or erotica involving vampires, werewolves and the like; coming of age stories; chick-lit; anything with a very black and white worldview (the shining hero who farts rainbows verses the dark twisted freak who kicks puppies and eats babies because why not? kind of thing). There are exceptions to every rule, including these (except for the chick lit one), I can be won over by good writing and interesting characters. In regards to fanfiction, there is very little out there that I'm into enough *and* want to read other people's take on, so with very few exceptions, I'm probably not interested in that either.

Could I Edit Someone Else's Work: For grammar and punctuations? Oh, I wouldn't trust me with that. To read something you wrote and tell you what I think about it? Sure, why not?


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