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Name: Skye

Age: 27

Location: United States 

About Me: I'm a twentysomething (obviously) writer (obviously) with vague aspirations of maybe publishing something someday somehow? I have a degree in Creative Writing from WKU in Kentucky. They named me Outstanding CW Major of the 2012 class, which baffles me to this day. (That isn't false modesty (she said, making it seem more like she was being falsely modest). I am genuinely surprised that they gave me that award.) I have a lot of interests outside writing and reading, but those have been two of my primary passions for much of my life.

About My Journal: Mostly general life updates, but since I've been writing a lot lately, that includes updates on how my latest writing venture (a lengthy TRON fanfic) is going! There may be snippets here and there, so keep a weather eye out. I am trying to update on the regular, but we'll see how long that lasts. I love to get comments, and I try to give them in return if I feel I have something to add to the conversation.

What I Write: Fanfiction, generally for sci-fi-ish fandoms. This is weird, because when I write original fiction, it tends to follow a fantasy bent. I've written modern fantasy, urbanish fantasy, historicalish fantasy... lots of fantasy. Most of it's been YA-focused as well, because I just think teenagers make for more interesting characters.

What I Don't Write: I seriously cannot imagine writing something without some element of the fantastical. I don't write romance very much because I have little experience in that arena and I just don't find it that interesting. Also since what I write is aimed at teenagers, I feel like they need to have more voices telling them that their story can be complete without a romantic counterpart.

What I Read: YA fantasy, regular YA, fantasy, sci-fi (need more of it in my reading diet), urban fantasy. Authors include: Robin McKinley, Tamora Pierce, Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, Garth Nix, Seanan McGuire, John Green, Maureen Johnson.

What I Don't Read: Contemporary or so-called "literary" fiction. Romance. Erotica of any kind. Very much fanfic at all, even though I write quite a bit of it. (I am vast; I contain multitudes, etc.) I can't stand love triangles.

Could I Edit Someone Else's Work: Could, yes. Would... is another question entirely. I feel like I've got enough on my plate as it stands, unfortunately.

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Name: saintbounty

Age: 25

Location: Pennsylvania, USA

About Me: What about me? 25 year old queer cyber-witch, re-immersing herself in journaling as a practice and still piecing together my online writing community. I was on LJ as a young adult and I miss the vibe. I have deceptively little chill.

About My Journal: Mostly personal, but also some writing, and some talking about writing and books and TV. My day job in tech support and small electronics repair takes up a lot of my energy, and I got a few irons in the fire.

What I Write: Personal essays, poetry, genre fiction (read: fantasy, I guess!).

What I Want to Write: Romance, creative non-fiction, comics.

What I Read: Essays, poetry (I get like 10 poem-of-the-day emails), literally any fiction story with lesbians, a gaggle of web and print comics, newsletters about the future.

What I Want To Read: Better fiction stories with lesbians, and more nonfiction. I'm always down for good sci-fi and fantasy, and I have a soft spot for YA, as I suspect many folks do.

Could I Edit Someone Else's Work: I'd love to.

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Name: Ally/Jedi Knight Muse

Age: 30 until February 14th. :|

Location: Connecticut, USA

About Me: I just finished my graphic design degree so I'm working on finding a new job- right now I'm a grocery store cashier and have been one for nine years. I write original fantasy stories. I always try to write novels but I admit I've never actually finished one. I also love photography, reading and watching movies. I'm a big Star Wars and Firefly fan.

I run a writing community, Worldsmyths. It focuses on the fantasy genre, but we welcome pretty much any kind of writer since it's so easy for the discussions we have to apply to any genre. It's been open since May and we have a small community of writers of varying ages and experiences.

I've been on Livejournal for, like, 15 years, though I didn't start getting active on there until around eleven years ago or so. With Russia moving Livejournal's servers, I've backed up my LJ onto Dreamwidth and am going to try and get into the habit of cross-posting from here over onto LJ.

About My Journal: Well the last two years, my entries were filled with a lot of things about school and the professor I had to deal with (he was basically the head of the department) and assignments and such. Besides that, I post about family, friends, SOMETIMES work, writing, Worldsmyths, and sometimes fandoms and maybe other things I'm not thinking of.

What I Write: Original fantasy in a medieval-type setting.

What I Don't Write: Historical fantasy (meaning that it may be a medieval-type setting but it's not necessarily historically accurate), sci-fi, modern fantasy, horror, erotica, fan fiction (I may eventually try writing Firefly fan fiction but I don't see that happening any time soon), non-fiction...probably some others I'm not thinking of.

What I Read: Fantasy. I have read young adult fantasy that takes place in the modern day world (i.e. Percy Jackson) but otherwise I prefer high fantasy/sword and sorcery-type fantasy with medieval-type settings (i.e. the type of setting Game of Thrones is in).

What I Don't Read: Erotica/pornography, fan fiction (if I get bored I'll read Firefly fan fiction, but I have to be really bored), horror, romance (I like stories with romantic elements but not, like, Danielle Steel-type romance), sci-fi (I have technically read Star Wars books in the past but I don't read it any more)...probably some others.

Could I Edit Someone Else's Work: I could certainly attempt to, but it might be a slow process on my end.

If you have a Livejournal that you're still cross-posting to, it may be a good idea to make sure we're friends on there, as well.

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Name: kathkin

Age: 23

Location: Edinburgh, UK

About Me: Unpublished and over-educated (just finished my creative writing masters), unemployed, lesbian, fannish. Love classics, animation, baking.

About My Journal: Largely a personal blog, so frequent ramblings about whatever I'm writing at the moment, fannish stuff, and just whatever's happening in my life.

What I Write: Dabbled a bit in everything, but primarily SF/fantasy, often queer.

What I Don't Write: Poetry, largely.

What I Read: Again, a bit of everything. Currently: slogging my way through A Song of Ice and Fire, reading all of Sarah Waters' novels in chronological order (just finished Fingersmith and seeing her at a book festival later in the month, eee), doing a 2014 reading bingo, and reading every interesting-sounding translation of Euripides' Hippolytus I can get my hands on. On my to-read shelf atm is Gormenghast and a selection of classic SF novels I feel like I ought to read. I have a Goodreads!

What I Don't Read: What doesn't interest me. Not so much into non-fiction, horror, crime and romance but will dabble if it comes recommended.

Could I Edit Someone Else's Work: If I have time/energy and it's reasonably short.

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Name: Lindsey

Age: 31

Location: Southeastern US

About Me: Jill of all trades, mistress of some? Four cats. Married. Work part time at a college. Going to grad school in the fall. Left leaning feminist. Cook, baker, candlestick maker (okay, I haven't tried that yet). I'm trying to teach myself guitar. I'm a gamer (I don't do MMOs). I have too many hobbies and distractions and that leads to my being a procrastinator. Currently mildly obsessed with: Supernatural, Dishonored, Fallout: New Vegas, Skyrim.

About My Journal: I've been absent for a while, because I live on a variety of social media. I grew upon Livejournal and moved over to DW about the time I stopped blogging quite as much. But I've recently consolidated my main and fanfiction journals, so I'll probably be posting more often.

What I Write: What I like. Dark fantasy, urban fantasy, with the occasional jaunt into other genres (particularly horror, erotica). I write original fiction as well as fanfiction (I'm a slasher and a shipper but no, I don't do shipwar bull). My original fiction (that I share) mostly ends up on blogger (I link to it).

What I Don't Write: Westerns. Um...crime? General fiction or "literary." (Sometimes this changes.)

What I Read: A little bit of everything. Fantasy, horror, non-fiction, literature classics.

What I Don't Read: Westerns, crime/legal/thriller type stuff, high fantasy. (Sometimes this changes.)

Could I Edit Someone Else's Work: If I have time (so, the shorter the work the more likely I can give you an assist). My undergrad is in English. But don't let that freak you out. I'm not going to smack you with a ruler if you misspell something and I break the rules of grammar often.

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Name: Frances J., or Meep

Age: 20something

Location: Tokyo, Japan

About Me: I'm a twentysomething queerish girlwoman expatriate librarian-at-arms. I eat books and bleed poetry.
… er, that's what it says on the Twitter account that I admit to at work, but I'm writing this from a mattress on the floor and eating an ice cream in my pajamas on a Friday evening, in between shuffling my new tarot cards and watching trashy movies. (The Twitter account I don't admit to at work is [ profile] transpacifique.)

About My Journal: This is where I post any writing worth sharing. (If you're on LJ, my "journal"/diary is [ profile] meepalicious.)

What I Write: I write stories for my friends. I love to co-write or share a 'verse and characters, so most of my recent work is collaborative stuff or my half of a story, or my characters' side of something. I like writing about ordinary people caught up in extraordinary circumstances, or extraordinary people trying to live ordinary lives. I like fantasy (high and, especially, urban), historical, contemporary and, yes, romance. I like to write underrepresented queer romances; expect to see a lot of queer women, ménages à trois, gender nonconforming and/or asexual characters. 
I'm an active participant in [ profile] writerverse, so many of my stories are challenge responses. Sometimes I dabble in [community profile] rainbowfic.
I'm starting to dabble in poetry and creative nonfiction.

What I Don't Write: I don't write horror, smut, or hard sci-fi.

What I Read: I'm a children's librarian, so I read a lot of kidlit. Online, I'll read most anything, except for what I don't. (See below.) I like to read (and write) about happy, stable queer relationships, the kind of people  I might like to be friends with if I met them, and fuzzy warm feelings. 

What I Don't Read: I don't read what I don't write, but I might make an exception for hard sci-fi.

Could I Edit Someone Else's Work: Sure! I'm a bit rusty, but I used to spend hours a day copy and content editing for friends online. I would be happy to be a beta reader and critique partner; that's actually what I'm here for. I mean, I hope we will be friends, but I'd love to meet some creative collaborators!

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Name: Crystal

Age: 25

Location: USA

About Me: I've wanted to write ever since I was young but never had the guts to pursue it right out of school.  I went into accounting instead, and spent three miserable years in public accounting before I realized enough was enough.  Now I work from home as a bookkeeper and spend my spare time thinking about writing and not actually writing very much XD  This blog, separate from my fandom blog, is my desperate attempt to have a writing life that does not revolve around Harry Potter characters.  In my spare time, when not agonizing over my writing, I like to sew, listen to audio books, and write people typewritten letters.

About My Journal: As mentioned above, my journal is an effort to focus on writing.  I post little snippets of original fic, little snippets of fanfic that I don't want the general fandom to see, musings about the writing process, and basically any other thoughts I have in regards to writing.  There will be lists of things to remember about characters, brainstorms for plot, and ramblings about random things.  I'm trying to read more, so I'll probably write about books that I read, as well.

What I Write:  Right now, mostly slash fanfiction.  In terms of original fiction, I'd like to write romance, specifically gay or lesbian romance.  I'd like to write fantasy as well.  I'm interested in futuristic fantasy and alternate universe historical fantasies.  I like queer characters.  I also like erotica, so I'll probably have some of that in any story I write.  

What I Don't Write: I don't think I'd be particularly good at mysteries, and I'm a bit too intimidated by sci-fi, though I think I will dabble a little bit in that, if there are fantasy elements as well.  I don't write non-fiction, either.

What I Read: Not so much, lately.  But I do plan to read more, now that I have time.  I read a lot of slash fanfiction from HP fandom.  I re-read a lot of old things I like, mostly.  I'm a big fan of Georgette Heyer's regency era romances.  I like Neil Gaiman, Tamora Pierce, Jane Austen, Italo Calvino, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and Dorothy Sayers.  I read manga, as well.  My favorite manga are, in no particular order: From Eroica With Love, Yotsuba&, Saiyuki, anything by Fumi Yoshinaga or Naono Bohra, Wandering Son, Viewfinder, Petshop of Horrors, Aoi Hana.  I collect writing books, and I read those, as well. 

What I Don't Read: Really fluffy fanfiction, Stephanie Meyers, E.L. James, Harlequin-esque romances.

Could I Edit Someone Else's Work: I could edit for basic spelling & grammar, and maybe make suggestions about structure and pacing.  I'd be happy to help edit anyone's original fic, or fanfiction if I'm familiar with the fandom =) 

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Name: [personal profile] slynnhunt S. Lynn Hunt

Age: 33 as of April.

Location: Southern United States.

About Me: I am a woman who likes to read, and likes to write, and I like to be very involved in the things I like. I've been told I over-analyze things, but that's okay, that's how I like it. I read to engage my mind and heart as well as be entertained, and when I write, I hope to do the same to my potential future readers.

About My Journal: This journal is dedicated only to my writing. It's fairly new, so there aren't many posts yet, but what's coming are more posts about the project I'm currently working on. Right now, the posts are limited to word count and some vague mentions of what's going on (there's a gruesome crime scene coming up!). This is mostly a personal superstition thing, as I'm scared that if I share more I'll jinx it and never finish. As I continue with the project, gain more confidence of actually finishing, then I will probably start to share more about the characters, world, and tidbits of the plot.

What I Write: Mostly fantasy. Dark, epic, fantastic-realism is my usual. What I'm currently working on is more like soft science fiction, though. Maybe an urban fantasy, depending on your view. There's also an element of murder mystery.

What I Don't Write: Romance or erotica. Up until a few days ago, I'd have said mystery because I didn't think I'd be very good at it, but here we are.

What I Read: Mostly fantasy, but I've been known to pick up and read almost anything, so long as it catches my attention. I like a good mystery, thriller, horror, even the occasional romance that has more going on than just romance. I don't normally read hard scifi; my kind of science fiction book are the Star Trek tie-in novels. Authors I like are: Stephen King when he's on his game, Jim Butcher, J.K. Rowling, KAREN MILLER (READ ALL HER THINGS), Mercedes Lackey, Jacqueline Carey, Gregory McGuire, George R. R. Martin. Catherynne M. Valente is an author I admire for being so different and beautiful, but I can't really say I like her work. I read it, though. I will read certain religion/spirituality-centric nonfiction, but on the whole I avoid it.

What I Don't Read: I'd like to stay away from books with love-triangles in them (I can't stand them), but it's a little hard to do that, since everyone seems like think love-triangles are awesome. I would not read erotica as a choice, but have done so to support friends who do, either as a reader or as an editor. No, I have not read Twilight. I tried. I got to page 19 and had to stop. (Thanks to Mark Oshiro and [personal profile] cleolinda, I do know what happens in the books.) Nonfiction (except occasionally).

Could I Edit Someone Else's Work: I have done editing work before, but I'm not currently because I'm focused on my own writing.
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Name: Kayleigh

Age: 24

Location: England, on the South Coast

About Me: I'm a crowdfunded writer, attempting to make a living doing wht I love; I live with my boyfriend of seven years in a room that we've been renting for just over six months; I'm a pagan; and I make friends much better online that I do in real life, because I'm a hundred times better at writing than I am at speaking.

About My Journal: my writing journal is [personal profile] kajones_writing, which is where I mirror all the fiction I post at my website. There I post original fiction and the occasional piece of fanfiction, although that's normally fanfic set in another crowdfunded writer's original world. I love worldbuilding, so I also have a wiki for everything I currently have written about my worlds and a lot of empty pages.

What I Write: fantasy mostly, although I'll try my hand at pretty much anything

What I Don't Write: non-fiction, but I would love to at some point, and hard sci-fi, because I have a creative brain rather than a logical one

What I Read: fantasy, historical fiction, and pretty much anything if something about the story really interests me. One of the things I hate is sex for the sake of sex when I'm reading a fantasy or urban fantasy story, although I do like a gd bit of erotica.

What I Don't Read: I don't know. I'll try pretty much anything. It's mostly stories I don't like, rather than genres.

Could I Edit Someone Else's Work: I could, although I'm better at typos and grammar than I am at storyline stuff.

Mar. 30th, 2013 09:28 am
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name: Frances J., or Meep
age: 24
location: Tokyo, Japan (formerly Boston, USA)

about me: I am not an aspiring writer, just a hobbyist. I am a feminist (who isn't, these days?), a queer, an assistant teacher, and an expat. I live in Tokyo and research Shinto in my spare time.

about my journal: This is my writing journal. My personal journal is [ profile] meepalicious, and if you still use that sinking ship of a site, you are welcome to add me there if you're looking for a friend.

what I write: (in no particular order): original (urban fantasy, magical realism, shoddily researched historical fiction, worldhopping/multiverses), fanfic (including, but not limited to, Harry Potter and TSUBASA: RESERvoir CHRoNiCLE) & you can expect to find f/f, some m/m, kidfic, and schmoopy romance mixed into all of the above, most of it quite short (but I'm working on that)

what I don't write: generally (scary things (e.g., horror or apocalyptic), sexy things)

what I read: fanfic for my fandoms/pairings (see profile(s)), urban fantasy & magical realism, short fic (books)

what I don't read: see, what I don't write

could I edit someone else's work: absolutely, I would love to give (& receive) feedback and critique
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Name: Gavin will do.

Age: 31

Location: Portland, Oregon

About Me: Another inspiring writer (I know, shocker, in a community like this) just getting back into that after a very long hiatus. I kind of wanted to network with other writers for motivation/inspiration/commiseration/guinea pigs to try my own work out on but haven't had a great time finding a larger community specifically for that, so here I am. 

About My Journal: Its what these things usually are, I ramble on about my life like its interesting and rant about stuff that annoys me to be entertaining; its access only because of past issues with people elsewhere, I'm open to adding new people. I made a second writing journal [personal profile] tricksterswritingdesk  that so far is empty but when/if I post any of my actual writing it will be there.

What I Write: Long stuff - traditional novel long, not internet long. I don't do short fiction, drabbles, or anything like that, it has to be some massive beast of a project or I'm just not in, I'm nuts like that. I used to write horror way back when, I still love the genre most of the time, but my current beast of a project is probably more a dark fantasy than anything else.

What I Don't Write: Short stories, fanfiction. Light hearted stuff. Introductions posts - well, I write those, just not good at it.

What I Read: Horror; fantasy; crime (provided its at least somewhat realistic). I love reading about trickster figures and anti-heroes with a strong sarcastic streak, entertaining and/or realistic villains. A plot where I can't immediately see where its going, that seems like it might be something different. Anything really, if it captures my interest.

What I Don't Read: Straight up romance (romance as part of the plot is fine); porn with no plot; romance or erotica involving vampires, werewolves and the like; coming of age stories; chick-lit; anything with a very black and white worldview (the shining hero who farts rainbows verses the dark twisted freak who kicks puppies and eats babies because why not? kind of thing). There are exceptions to every rule, including these (except for the chick lit one), I can be won over by good writing and interesting characters. In regards to fanfiction, there is very little out there that I'm into enough *and* want to read other people's take on, so with very few exceptions, I'm probably not interested in that either.

Could I Edit Someone Else's Work: For grammar and punctuations? Oh, I wouldn't trust me with that. To read something you wrote and tell you what I think about it? Sure, why not?


Nov. 12th, 2012 08:51 pm
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Name: Fireez

Age: 34

Location: Germany

About Me: I'm a biologist who, due to the lack of jobs for people with my specializations in the area, is now a bookseller-in-training. I'm a geek, a fangirl and a feminist. I have a wide range of interests, from science to humanities and back again. I'm bipolar and an abuse survivor. I have opinions and am not afraid to use them. The same goes for macros and gifs.

About My Journal: My journal is my personal playground where I rant, whine, squee, write more or less coherent reviews of books/movies/comics I've read and talk about my life, which includes writing. I swear. A lot. I use gifs and pictures to express my emotions. I talk about my issues and mental health, sometimes on a filter, sometimes not.

What I Write: Fanfiction and original fiction, though the scales are tipped more in the fanfic direction. I have a writing journal ([personal profile] sermocinare ) and can also be found on AO3. I'm a huge fan of alternate history, crossovers and horror, but for some reason, my original fic always ends up having crime elements, though I haven't read any crime fiction in years. I blame it on being a huge fan of crime TV.

What I Don't Write: I would have said "romance", only that I'm writing a romance (ok, a romantic thriller, since yeah, crime elements) right now for NaNo, so I guess I can't really say that any more.

What I Read: Tons of fantasy, the less Tolkienesque the better. Horror. YA dystopias. Anything with zombies.YA in general. Non-fiction, mostly of the science/psychology/history kind.

What I Don't Read: Romance novels and literary fiction.

Could I Edit Someone Else's Work: I hardly find enough time to write and edit my own work, so no.

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Name: Catherine

Age: 24

Location: South of England

About Me: I'm an only child, working in a building consultancy firm as an Office Manager. But, when the chance presents itself, I tend to be writing or reading. I am a terrible procrastinator though and really need a good kick up the backside frequently to motivate myself!

About My Journal: I am brand new to DW so there is literally nothing there at the moment. I will probably be posting responses to my prompt calendar that I made (maybe posting the daily prompts themselves if I get people looking at them) and random posts about the book I am writing at the moment.

What I Write: I tend to lean towards fantasy and sci-fi but mingled in with all sorts of other genres. The prompts I do range through pretty much everything. I've also written a fair amount of slash fanfiction but I probably won't be bringing that over to here.

What I Don't Write: I write romantic strands in stories but I generally don't do strict romance. I also don't write crime/mystery because I honestly don't think I have the smarts to keep all the threads together and give the reader a decent pay-off!

What I Read: Fantasy, sci-fi, horror, adventure, biographies...I'm pretty lenient with my reading genres, really. So long as it has interesting characters, I'll give it a read.

What I Don't Read: Not fussed on romances or war stories. I like crime stories but not so much when they are very procedural based.

Could I Edit Someone Else's Work: If it was reciprocated then sure. But I have to admit that my grammar isn't 100% (I am a comma whore, I need to curb my enthusiasm for them!)

What ho!

Jul. 10th, 2012 08:33 pm
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Name: I don't give out my name, sorry.

Age: 20

Location: Australia

About Me: I'm a uni student. Studying psychology. I want to write a book. I am trying to ease back into writing.

About My Journal: I'm not sure what it's going to be yet. Probably personal musings and writing snippets and excercises. I might also post some book and film reviews.

What I Write: That's hard to say. I just love creating characters, telling an interesting story, and playing with worldbuilding, genres and conventions.

(At the moment, I'm taking it slowly. I've had a creative block for the last year and a bit and am trying to find the fun in writing again. My first novel has been pushed aside, and I'm tentatively beginning a new project with no idea where it'll take me.)

What I Don't Write: I wouldn't completely rule out any genre. But at the moment I don't write: Historical, hard-sci-fi, romance/erotica, chick-lit, poetry, biography, non-fiction.

What I Read: I'm open to reading anything, as long as it's good. At the moment, I tend to be drawn to speculative fic, horror, suspense, lit fic, magical realism, paranormal,  drama/mystery, cyberpunk (and variations), urban fantasy,and dystopian science fiction. (On the lighter side, I also like comedy - eg. Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams, P.G. Wodehouse.)

What I Don't Read: The same old story recycled. I got sick of reading high-fantasy with elves, dwarves, and "The Chosen One" a looooong time ago. I also avoid memoirs, biographies, romance, and contemporary drama.

Could I Edit Someone Else's Work: I don't have official editing skills, and I'm busy. BUT I'd be happy to give casual feedback and constructive criticism. I also wouldn't mind doing a "swap deal".


Mar. 31st, 2012 09:51 am
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Name: Jessica Steiner
Age: 33
Location: I live in a smallish city outside of Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada!)

About Me:

I've actually just finished law school at the University of British Columbia, passed the bar, and will be sworn in as a lawyer officially in about a month and a half.

So clearly what I need to do now, is kick off my writing career. Because obviously I don't have enough to do.

So during the day, I work for my mother as a family law lawyer, mostly working with victims of domestic violence, drug addicts, and other people with low incomes. We do custody/access/divorce cases as well as help people who for whatever reason have had their children taken into foster care by the government.

By night, I fly about the city in my batsuit and--


Well, actually by night I'm a huge video game and anime geek, and I spend hours and hours writing fantasy and science fiction novels, and also occasionally pretending to be an alien computer nerd in certain online roleplaying games.

About My Journal:

My writing journal - this one - is actually a reboot of a wordpress blog I started about a year ago. The wordpress blog didn't really work out for me because of the format and the volume of spam, so I've brought all the posts over here for a fresh start.

I do reviews of podcasts and audiobooks I've listened to, and books I've read. I also blog about my writing process and about various other topics that make me want to ramble incessantly in some fashion that might possibly assist someone else. Occasionally, I might write about work.

What I Write:

I write a variety of fantasy and science fiction. Currently I'm at the cusp of finishing a final draft edit of a book called The Sleeping Death where a journalist falls in love with Death and winds up helping her fight evil mages and the personification of Order to free the world - and War - from their tyrannical rule.

I've also written the first draft of a book called OtherWhere, which is about an evil MMORPG.

I'm in the midst of a book tentatively called The Dreaming where a lawyer gets transported into a strange, magical world every time he falls asleep...and then gets stuck there, causing havoc to his career and marriage.

I'm also prodding at ideas for novels ranging from a steampunk alternate history set in ancient Japan, to a series about a human getting sent to an alien flight school in space and getting attacked by terrorists - sort of a Harry Potter/Enders Game mashup with tentacles and teenage romantic angst.

Most of my books are slashy and don't necessarily perfectly fit either the fantasy or the science fiction mould. I tend to write things that excite me, and I hope they excite other people, too.

What I Don't Write:

I'm not sure how to answer this question. I don't write historical novels (except I might in the case of that Japanese steampunk idea), because I don't know enough about history. I don't think anything I've written would count as outright horror or a thriller, though I enjoy reading both genres, and I hope that bits of my books are either horrible (in the good way!) and/or thrilling.

I don't write literary fiction or poetry. I don't tend to read either of those genres either.

What I Read:

I'm in the midst of working my way through Terry Pratchett's collected works, in order. I love epic fantasy, urban fantasy, any other kind of fantasy, science fiction, horror, thrillers, and mysteries. My most recent new loves are Brandon Sanderson, Dan Wells, and Naomi Novik. If you haven't heard of any of them, go forth and google, then read. They're fantastic.

Could I Edit Someone Else's Work:

Another tricky question! I don't have any editing credentials and I'm not yet making money with my work. I also have a lot on my plate.

That being said, I'd be happy to exchange with someone, in some kind of arrangement where we each read the other's book and give feedback. Or if you want to pay me, I'd be more than willing to devote many hours to polishing your work.
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Name: On the Internet, I usually use Kiana.
Age: 24
About Me: I love writing. It gives me something productive to do. I can be a procrastinator, opting to write a story rather than do my homework. I'm currently in college and am hoping to become a Spanish teacher with an English minor. English and Spanish are favorite subjects, and I hope to one day teach a creative writing class.

About My Journal:

[personal profile] darkspirited1  is my personal journal devoted to all things I care to share. It's actually a mirror account to an LJ under the same name. It has my reflections on NaNoWriMo, my day to day stuff like lists of things to do, and whatever else I cared to write since 2003. There are stories and poems in there (all friend locked). I also talk about my ongoing project to complete a novel series I'm working on. I also talk about the writing process and the ups and downs to it for me. Basically, I talk about anything and everything.

I use filters on my journal as well so if you want to cut out the daily life ramblings you can opt out.

What I Write: Fiction -- fantasy usually and the odd bit of poetry or fan fiction (and I mean odd, seldom bit). It has been several years since I last attempted to write poetry. FanFiction is there for when I'm stuck and want to write but have nothing else to write about. It's always Lion King too. I say I'm going to try posting something every month at the very least, though I haven't written anything but my major project.

What I Don’t Write: Crime or anything with complex twisty plots that depend upon me being entirely accurate. I am very rarely accurate at anything! I also don't write anything that nonfiction usually since there's this whole "I need to make this accurate and more realistic" aspect to it.

What I Read:
Classics, Fantasy, um ... I'm really bad at classifying genres. Really I'll read anything that sounds appealing or was recommended to me by a friend. There's a list at darkspirited1 here that tells you of some random books I've read that I could recall in the 15 minutes I took to make it.

What I Don’t Read:
I do not read nonfiction very often. I also don't read erotica or things with a lot of sex. I'm sorry, but I really just hate it when characters just fall into bed with each other repeatedly just because they can. If it has to do with the plot and there's more to it other than simply falling into bed just to do it, then I'll probably read it if it's there.

Favorite Authors and Books: I hate this question. It's so hard for me to pick a favorite. Some authors I enjoy are: Edgar Allen Poe, RA Salvatore, Mercedes Lackey, Corenalia Funke, Laini Taylor, Robin D. Owens, Kristan Britain and uh ... I can't read any other names off my bookcase so I'll stop there. Really though, there is no favorite. Or rather, it changes often. Again, there's a list at darkspirited1 here that tells you of some random books I've read that I could recall in the 15 minutes I took to make it.

Could I Edit Someone Else’s Work: You are more than welcome to ask me and I'll see if I have the time. If I have the time, I'm always up for reading and critiquing. However, you must bare in mind that I am never going to say your story is perfect. I am never going to tell you "Sounds great, keep it up!" I don't consider that a critique OR an edit. I will provide my honest suggestions and feedback. You then do whatever you want with it, but you agree that you will not be angry with me for what I say. And don't take this as "OMG she's going to rip my story apart and make me feel like trash." I don't aim to do that either. Feel free to ask me for more clarity about this if you are confused.

What I’m Looking For: FRIENDLY PEOPLE! :) Other writers who can inspire me with their success so that I keep reminding myself to forge on and keep trying. People to talk to about writing. I don't know very many writers, but those that I do know are great inspiration. I'd like more of that. :) Basically, I want someone who wants to interact and socialize.

What I’m Not Looking For: I'm not looking for someone to force me to think that their view is the only way. I'm a very open minded person and hope to find more people with that mentality. I expect you to show respect, and I will show you respect as well. I'm easy to get along with though, so I doubt there will be much of an issue. Someone just trying to pad their FList.

I hope to become better acquainted with you. Happy writing! ^_^
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Name: Gabe

Age: Late 20's

Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA

About Me: Introvert, INTJ, I read and write voraciously, watch a small number of TV shows regularly (and far too much random Youtube crap), play videogames obsessively, gorge on politics until it becomes too depressing and I have to look at kittens, and repost far too much dreck on my Tumblog.

About My Journal: I'm not very active, although I'm trying to change that. (I say this all the time.) I tend to post articles I find interesting, funny or necessary, little bits and blobs that I need to purge from my brain, and bits and pieces of my work that feel finished.

What I Write: My two main projects fall under the broad category of speculative fiction. Universe Lost could be called soft sci-fi, and Ghost Sight is pretty definitely urban fantasy. I have a side-project that's post-apocalyptic, but I'm having trouble making it work. In general I stick to fantasy/sci-fi with horror mixed in.

What I Don't Write: Poetry, because I'm terrible at it. Modern lit, because there aren't any spaceships or wizards. Comedy, because I'm only ever funny by accident. I may or may not write fanfic, but I'll never post it.

What I Read: Fantasy, sci-fi, horror, modern lit, non-fiction on just about any subject.

What I Don't Read: Memoirs and auto/biographies of politicians. The rhetoric is already thick enough, I don't need to go diving into the sludge.

This all sounds incredibly formal because a) these things always make me nervous and b) I've been mainlining BBC's Sherlock and English mannerisms are leaking into my brain.


Feb. 4th, 2012 03:04 pm
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Name: Jen

Location: USA

About Me: College grad interested in history, world travel, learning about other cultures, reading, writing, and running.

About My Journal: My journal is a conglomeration of my creative writing, history, photographs, and the usual digressions regarding people, places, music, and books. I rarely post about my personal life, except where it intersects with some of my interests.

What I Write: Mostly original fiction, historical fiction, and some creative nonfiction. The closest I come to fanfiction is writing about historical figures in unlikely situations!

What I Don't Write: Fanfiction

What I Read: I will read anything, truly. Re: books, I mainly read biographies, history nonfic, historical fiction, and mystery. I occasionally sneak in romance/erotica under the radar. Re: online, I am pretty open to any genre. In the case of fanfiction, however, I like to be relatively familiar with the fandom.

Could I Edit Someone Else's Work: I can certainly try!

Super cool idea for a community! I look forward to meeting other writers.


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