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Name: Lindsey

Age: 31

Location: Southeastern US

About Me: Jill of all trades, mistress of some? Four cats. Married. Work part time at a college. Going to grad school in the fall. Left leaning feminist. Cook, baker, candlestick maker (okay, I haven't tried that yet). I'm trying to teach myself guitar. I'm a gamer (I don't do MMOs). I have too many hobbies and distractions and that leads to my being a procrastinator. Currently mildly obsessed with: Supernatural, Dishonored, Fallout: New Vegas, Skyrim.

About My Journal: I've been absent for a while, because I live on a variety of social media. I grew upon Livejournal and moved over to DW about the time I stopped blogging quite as much. But I've recently consolidated my main and fanfiction journals, so I'll probably be posting more often.

What I Write: What I like. Dark fantasy, urban fantasy, with the occasional jaunt into other genres (particularly horror, erotica). I write original fiction as well as fanfiction (I'm a slasher and a shipper but no, I don't do shipwar bull). My original fiction (that I share) mostly ends up on blogger (I link to it).

What I Don't Write: Westerns. Um...crime? General fiction or "literary." (Sometimes this changes.)

What I Read: A little bit of everything. Fantasy, horror, non-fiction, literature classics.

What I Don't Read: Westerns, crime/legal/thriller type stuff, high fantasy. (Sometimes this changes.)

Could I Edit Someone Else's Work: If I have time (so, the shorter the work the more likely I can give you an assist). My undergrad is in English. But don't let that freak you out. I'm not going to smack you with a ruler if you misspell something and I break the rules of grammar often.

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Name: kiwa (KEY-wah)
Age: 20 (almost 21, yo)
Location: West Coast Canada
About Me: I've been creating stories for as long as I can remember. My earliest written work was from 2002, when my uncle was trying to get me to write something everyday to improve my then-horrible printing. It was a story about two cats and their owners who eventually fell in love (so cliche don't even). Outside of the general theme of literature, I enjoy history (1800s-1900s), design (interior, mostly), and food. I love food, and I love cooking for people. I'm only really good at soups and sandwiches, though. Can't say what I cook looks all that great, but it tastes good. I also really love looking at photo and art galleries. I spend a lot of time on image bookmarking sites like ffffound, reform, we♥it, etc.
About My Journal: A mix of dairy and written work. Some screenshots from playing video games, and some photos from my instagram. But 80% writing.
What I Write: speculative fiction, freeverse poetry, mystery, horror and gore. Romance. Sometimes I just write fluff, but I enjoy thick atmospheres the most, where there is a bigger picture happening and what I'm showing you right now is only a teeny-tiny bit of it. I used to be really into longass chapters and these really super lengthy plots. But I think I've shortened quite a bit since then. I've developed a pretty strong taste for vignettes and other forms of short fiction. edit: just made a writing journal. it's called ethosa.
What I Don't Write: sex. I mean the descriptive kind of erotica. I'll grace over scenes like that, but mostly for my reader's comfort. Oh, and I don't write action scenes very well.
What I Read: Exactly what I write. I love space and stuff. I love reading weird things, but still make sense in their own quirky way.
What I Don't Read: I hate storylines that are weird and "out there" just for the sake of being different or unique. And trust me, it's really easy to tell. Those kinds of things are just trash, ugly garbage.
Could I Edit Someone Else's Work: Yes. I could. If they ask nicely C:

ps. - tried looking at the already existing tags to tag this right!
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Name: Gavin will do.

Age: 31

Location: Portland, Oregon

About Me: Another inspiring writer (I know, shocker, in a community like this) just getting back into that after a very long hiatus. I kind of wanted to network with other writers for motivation/inspiration/commiseration/guinea pigs to try my own work out on but haven't had a great time finding a larger community specifically for that, so here I am. 

About My Journal: Its what these things usually are, I ramble on about my life like its interesting and rant about stuff that annoys me to be entertaining; its access only because of past issues with people elsewhere, I'm open to adding new people. I made a second writing journal [personal profile] tricksterswritingdesk  that so far is empty but when/if I post any of my actual writing it will be there.

What I Write: Long stuff - traditional novel long, not internet long. I don't do short fiction, drabbles, or anything like that, it has to be some massive beast of a project or I'm just not in, I'm nuts like that. I used to write horror way back when, I still love the genre most of the time, but my current beast of a project is probably more a dark fantasy than anything else.

What I Don't Write: Short stories, fanfiction. Light hearted stuff. Introductions posts - well, I write those, just not good at it.

What I Read: Horror; fantasy; crime (provided its at least somewhat realistic). I love reading about trickster figures and anti-heroes with a strong sarcastic streak, entertaining and/or realistic villains. A plot where I can't immediately see where its going, that seems like it might be something different. Anything really, if it captures my interest.

What I Don't Read: Straight up romance (romance as part of the plot is fine); porn with no plot; romance or erotica involving vampires, werewolves and the like; coming of age stories; chick-lit; anything with a very black and white worldview (the shining hero who farts rainbows verses the dark twisted freak who kicks puppies and eats babies because why not? kind of thing). There are exceptions to every rule, including these (except for the chick lit one), I can be won over by good writing and interesting characters. In regards to fanfiction, there is very little out there that I'm into enough *and* want to read other people's take on, so with very few exceptions, I'm probably not interested in that either.

Could I Edit Someone Else's Work: For grammar and punctuations? Oh, I wouldn't trust me with that. To read something you wrote and tell you what I think about it? Sure, why not?


Nov. 12th, 2012 08:51 pm
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Name: Fireez

Age: 34

Location: Germany

About Me: I'm a biologist who, due to the lack of jobs for people with my specializations in the area, is now a bookseller-in-training. I'm a geek, a fangirl and a feminist. I have a wide range of interests, from science to humanities and back again. I'm bipolar and an abuse survivor. I have opinions and am not afraid to use them. The same goes for macros and gifs.

About My Journal: My journal is my personal playground where I rant, whine, squee, write more or less coherent reviews of books/movies/comics I've read and talk about my life, which includes writing. I swear. A lot. I use gifs and pictures to express my emotions. I talk about my issues and mental health, sometimes on a filter, sometimes not.

What I Write: Fanfiction and original fiction, though the scales are tipped more in the fanfic direction. I have a writing journal ([personal profile] sermocinare ) and can also be found on AO3. I'm a huge fan of alternate history, crossovers and horror, but for some reason, my original fic always ends up having crime elements, though I haven't read any crime fiction in years. I blame it on being a huge fan of crime TV.

What I Don't Write: I would have said "romance", only that I'm writing a romance (ok, a romantic thriller, since yeah, crime elements) right now for NaNo, so I guess I can't really say that any more.

What I Read: Tons of fantasy, the less Tolkienesque the better. Horror. YA dystopias. Anything with zombies.YA in general. Non-fiction, mostly of the science/psychology/history kind.

What I Don't Read: Romance novels and literary fiction.

Could I Edit Someone Else's Work: I hardly find enough time to write and edit my own work, so no.

What ho!

Jul. 10th, 2012 08:33 pm
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Name: I don't give out my name, sorry.

Age: 20

Location: Australia

About Me: I'm a uni student. Studying psychology. I want to write a book. I am trying to ease back into writing.

About My Journal: I'm not sure what it's going to be yet. Probably personal musings and writing snippets and excercises. I might also post some book and film reviews.

What I Write: That's hard to say. I just love creating characters, telling an interesting story, and playing with worldbuilding, genres and conventions.

(At the moment, I'm taking it slowly. I've had a creative block for the last year and a bit and am trying to find the fun in writing again. My first novel has been pushed aside, and I'm tentatively beginning a new project with no idea where it'll take me.)

What I Don't Write: I wouldn't completely rule out any genre. But at the moment I don't write: Historical, hard-sci-fi, romance/erotica, chick-lit, poetry, biography, non-fiction.

What I Read: I'm open to reading anything, as long as it's good. At the moment, I tend to be drawn to speculative fic, horror, suspense, lit fic, magical realism, paranormal,  drama/mystery, cyberpunk (and variations), urban fantasy,and dystopian science fiction. (On the lighter side, I also like comedy - eg. Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams, P.G. Wodehouse.)

What I Don't Read: The same old story recycled. I got sick of reading high-fantasy with elves, dwarves, and "The Chosen One" a looooong time ago. I also avoid memoirs, biographies, romance, and contemporary drama.

Could I Edit Someone Else's Work: I don't have official editing skills, and I'm busy. BUT I'd be happy to give casual feedback and constructive criticism. I also wouldn't mind doing a "swap deal".

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Name: Gabe

Age: Late 20's

Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA

About Me: Introvert, INTJ, I read and write voraciously, watch a small number of TV shows regularly (and far too much random Youtube crap), play videogames obsessively, gorge on politics until it becomes too depressing and I have to look at kittens, and repost far too much dreck on my Tumblog.

About My Journal: I'm not very active, although I'm trying to change that. (I say this all the time.) I tend to post articles I find interesting, funny or necessary, little bits and blobs that I need to purge from my brain, and bits and pieces of my work that feel finished.

What I Write: My two main projects fall under the broad category of speculative fiction. Universe Lost could be called soft sci-fi, and Ghost Sight is pretty definitely urban fantasy. I have a side-project that's post-apocalyptic, but I'm having trouble making it work. In general I stick to fantasy/sci-fi with horror mixed in.

What I Don't Write: Poetry, because I'm terrible at it. Modern lit, because there aren't any spaceships or wizards. Comedy, because I'm only ever funny by accident. I may or may not write fanfic, but I'll never post it.

What I Read: Fantasy, sci-fi, horror, modern lit, non-fiction on just about any subject.

What I Don't Read: Memoirs and auto/biographies of politicians. The rhetoric is already thick enough, I don't need to go diving into the sludge.

This all sounds incredibly formal because a) these things always make me nervous and b) I've been mainlining BBC's Sherlock and English mannerisms are leaking into my brain.


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