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Name: Marianne (Mari for short if you prefer)

Age: 32

Location: Southern Maryland, USA

About Me: I've been a blogger on Livejournal since the mid 2000's. Not too long ago, LJ's drastic changes have caused me to post more entries on DW than on my LJ account. I've been writing for so much longer than that... Ever since January of this year, I've been an activist. I've been paying attention to politics some. I am an Independent, and I support Voluntaryism. I strongly think and believe in individuality. I embrace it. I'm for guiding people to think for themselves, because that is so important! We're not meant to just accept things and be herded around like sheep. I am sickened by the collectivism agendas that are on-going. To keep myself from being bitter, or too frustrated, I use humor every now and then to mock all our oppressors, and media trolls.

I also post things about my life.

About My Journal: It's recently transformed into one of other places in which I share my beneficial knowledge. I also share some of my poetry, and even quotations of wisdom. I intend to be at least a little more active with this account.

What I Write: A lot of what I've written this year is political poetry, some of it being satire. I also have done a bit of misc. ones. If I can get back into story writing, then great! For now, it's just been poetry. I know I don't have to be as picky over those. (When it comes to all stories, I tend to be such a perfectionist at times.) It usually doesn't take me long to finish most of them. Sometimes, I write articles based on what I research.

What I Don't Write: erotica, not as much fanfic as I used to, misleading information... I don't write anything in support of TV news or politicians for instance.

What I Read: For much of this year, it's been nonfiction on truths about American Society, important information to know about history, what's been so wrong with public education, etc... I also have read a bit of fan-fiction, a bunch of sci-fi and fantasy, and certain authors such as James Patterson, Jeff Lindsay, Whitley Strieber, Gregory Maguire, and the Monk books (based on that funny old detective TV show) by Lee Goldberg.

I like getting to know new people. I hope to even help out at least some of you. Really, lol, my stuff don't stink! I'm a very thorough researcher, and I back up the facts with my own reasoning and common sense. ...Hey, if you'd like to see a really awesome website for all writers, then I highly recommend! I love it there. :D Many over there are really nice, and there's much to do.
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Name: Megan

Age: 24

Location: Pennsylvania, USA

About Me: Aspiring indie author. Raised in lower Delaware (if you don't know where that is, don't worry, most people don't) and currently living in Pennsylvania with my husband. I have a bachelors degree in history (my thesis was on the trial of the Lincoln assassination conspirators). I'm a little a eccentric, I suppose. My tastes are diverse. I collect postcards, lawn gnomes and fridge magnets. Whenever I travel I take my gnome, Hamish, with me. I love all kinds of genres of music (from swing to heavy metal), TV (Are You Being Served? to Castle), movies (Hitchcock's silent films to Joss Whedon's Avengers) and books (see below). I don't like coffee and prefer tea. I'm a Hufflepuff (we're great finders).

I'm looking for friends who are also writers and share the same goals, interests or genres as me.

About My Journal: I just started on my journal so it looks a little barren right now. As the weeks go now it will look less lonely. I plan to update with my writing stuff.

What I Write: Currently, I am working on a couple memoirs, flash fiction, and a few short stories that are set in modern day. I would love to write historical fiction, magical realism, alternative history or chaos theory in the future.

What I Don't Write: At the moment... erotica, mystery, thriller, children's and poetry. But things might change. I'm open to what genres I write.

What I Read: A lot of things! Media tie-in novels (think Doctor Who, Torchwood, etc), Biographies/Autobiographies/Memoirs, Classics, Humor, Children's, Young Adult, . Occasionally I will read Chick-Lit thought it is not my favorite. Some of my favorite authors are L. Frank Baum, Poppy Z. Brite (or Billy Martin), Agatha Christie, and Christopher Moore.

What I Don't Read: Things like Fifty Shades of Gray. It annoys me because the author is making money from fanfiction, and the one of the points of fanfitcion is not to make a profit from your work. Books that just right out lie about history but say that it's the truth like Killing Lincoln and Killing Kennedy both by Martin Dugard and Bill O'Reilly.

Could I Edit Someone Else's Work: Yes, but please know that I am not a professional. I am also willing to just look over your work to tell you how it is (if it good or if it sucks).

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Name: Alexa

Age: 22

Location: Richmond, VA, USA 

About Me: I'm a huge mental health advocate, and I do what I can to prevent suicide and self-injury. I am diagnosed with bipolar II and obsessive-compulsive disorder, and I am a psychology student at Virginia Commonwealth University. I love any types of art, and I would like to specialize in art therapy.

About My Journal: I've just started this journal after coming over from LiveJournal, so there's not much to it just yet. 

What I Write: I am currently working on a novel titled Colored Blue, and I also run a blog of the same title. I write poetry, articles, non-fiction... pretty much anything. I was originally a journalism major, so I write about anything that strikes my interest.

What I Don't Write: Not too interested in fan-fiction...

What I Read: Hermann Hesse is my favorite author. His book Demian is my favorite.

What I Don't Read: Romance-ish stuff, Westerns, some sci-fi (it depends)...

Could I Edit Someone Else's Work: Definitely!


Nov. 12th, 2012 08:51 pm
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Name: Fireez

Age: 34

Location: Germany

About Me: I'm a biologist who, due to the lack of jobs for people with my specializations in the area, is now a bookseller-in-training. I'm a geek, a fangirl and a feminist. I have a wide range of interests, from science to humanities and back again. I'm bipolar and an abuse survivor. I have opinions and am not afraid to use them. The same goes for macros and gifs.

About My Journal: My journal is my personal playground where I rant, whine, squee, write more or less coherent reviews of books/movies/comics I've read and talk about my life, which includes writing. I swear. A lot. I use gifs and pictures to express my emotions. I talk about my issues and mental health, sometimes on a filter, sometimes not.

What I Write: Fanfiction and original fiction, though the scales are tipped more in the fanfic direction. I have a writing journal ([personal profile] sermocinare ) and can also be found on AO3. I'm a huge fan of alternate history, crossovers and horror, but for some reason, my original fic always ends up having crime elements, though I haven't read any crime fiction in years. I blame it on being a huge fan of crime TV.

What I Don't Write: I would have said "romance", only that I'm writing a romance (ok, a romantic thriller, since yeah, crime elements) right now for NaNo, so I guess I can't really say that any more.

What I Read: Tons of fantasy, the less Tolkienesque the better. Horror. YA dystopias. Anything with zombies.YA in general. Non-fiction, mostly of the science/psychology/history kind.

What I Don't Read: Romance novels and literary fiction.

Could I Edit Someone Else's Work: I hardly find enough time to write and edit my own work, so no.


Feb. 4th, 2012 03:04 pm
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Name: Jen

Location: USA

About Me: College grad interested in history, world travel, learning about other cultures, reading, writing, and running.

About My Journal: My journal is a conglomeration of my creative writing, history, photographs, and the usual digressions regarding people, places, music, and books. I rarely post about my personal life, except where it intersects with some of my interests.

What I Write: Mostly original fiction, historical fiction, and some creative nonfiction. The closest I come to fanfiction is writing about historical figures in unlikely situations!

What I Don't Write: Fanfiction

What I Read: I will read anything, truly. Re: books, I mainly read biographies, history nonfic, historical fiction, and mystery. I occasionally sneak in romance/erotica under the radar. Re: online, I am pretty open to any genre. In the case of fanfiction, however, I like to be relatively familiar with the fandom.

Could I Edit Someone Else's Work: I can certainly try!

Super cool idea for a community! I look forward to meeting other writers.


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