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Name: Marianne (Mari for short if you prefer)

Age: 32

Location: Southern Maryland, USA

About Me: I've been a blogger on Livejournal since the mid 2000's. Not too long ago, LJ's drastic changes have caused me to post more entries on DW than on my LJ account. I've been writing for so much longer than that... Ever since January of this year, I've been an activist. I've been paying attention to politics some. I am an Independent, and I support Voluntaryism. I strongly think and believe in individuality. I embrace it. I'm for guiding people to think for themselves, because that is so important! We're not meant to just accept things and be herded around like sheep. I am sickened by the collectivism agendas that are on-going. To keep myself from being bitter, or too frustrated, I use humor every now and then to mock all our oppressors, and media trolls.

I also post things about my life.

About My Journal: It's recently transformed into one of other places in which I share my beneficial knowledge. I also share some of my poetry, and even quotations of wisdom. I intend to be at least a little more active with this account.

What I Write: A lot of what I've written this year is political poetry, some of it being satire. I also have done a bit of misc. ones. If I can get back into story writing, then great! For now, it's just been poetry. I know I don't have to be as picky over those. (When it comes to all stories, I tend to be such a perfectionist at times.) It usually doesn't take me long to finish most of them. Sometimes, I write articles based on what I research.

What I Don't Write: erotica, not as much fanfic as I used to, misleading information... I don't write anything in support of TV news or politicians for instance.

What I Read: For much of this year, it's been nonfiction on truths about American Society, important information to know about history, what's been so wrong with public education, etc... I also have read a bit of fan-fiction, a bunch of sci-fi and fantasy, and certain authors such as James Patterson, Jeff Lindsay, Whitley Strieber, Gregory Maguire, and the Monk books (based on that funny old detective TV show) by Lee Goldberg.

I like getting to know new people. I hope to even help out at least some of you. Really, lol, my stuff don't stink! I'm a very thorough researcher, and I back up the facts with my own reasoning and common sense. ...Hey, if you'd like to see a really awesome website for all writers, then I highly recommend! I love it there. :D Many over there are really nice, and there's much to do.


Jun. 23rd, 2012 05:42 pm
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Name: Mari
Age: 19
Location: A big country in South America.
About Me: Writer; feminist; social justice; music, internet, post-it notes and research addict; mild-OCD when it comes to organization; moderate ADHD; major depressive disorder; bookworm; internet; curious; critical thinker; outspoken.
About My Journal: It is a mix of things I like, mostly.

Public entries are either about writing in general—no big details on my original stuff—; about my ideas; about things I've read or seen; about things that interest me, such as technology, music, books, trips, writing, and writing meta; about things I see around DreamWidth.

I have no intention to make it a log of my personal life—which is what my filtered and access-locked entries are for.

Things that are locked:
·   Original writing — discussion, outlines, planning, general whining.
·   My daily life — what I'm up to on a personal level.

If we add each other, you will have access to both sides of my access list only, locked entries. If you don't want to read about my daily life, let me know and I can set up a writing-only filter.

What I Write: Romance. And poetry.
But I am open and willing to try anything at least once.
What I Don't Write: Nonfiction. I'm open to try just about any genre, as long as it is fiction.
What I Read: Everything. I'm especially fond of nice new adult—as in, university setting, etc—novels, fantasy series, historic books, and romance, be it young adult or adult-only. And fan fiction, I read some of it sometimes!
What I Don't Read: Um, there is nothing I wouldn't give at least a try, I guess.
Could I Edit Someone Else's Work: As English isn't my native language, I might not be comfortable being the sole editor for a writer's work in the grammar and spelling front, but I could definitely edit by myself if you want me to focus on characterization, pace, themes, tone, plot, and anything else in the same group.

I am mostly looking for writers to populate my circle, I feel lonely on my corner of the internet. :(

I'd like to have some active folks around, to comment on my entries, to help me in writerly matters, to chat about ideas, plots, characters. I'm looking for people who can relate to my writerly ways, who could maybe do some hand-holding. I would, of course, do the same—I'm online everyday, I try my best to comment at least in every other entry, I love discussing writing-related matters and am always, always up for a chat.

If I sound like someone you would like to have around, drop me a comment!


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