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Name: Meep
Age: 28
Location: Tokyo, Japan (formerly New England, USA)

About Me: I'm a late-twentysomething expat, originally from New England, USA, now living and librarianing in Tokyo, Japan. I'm here, I'm queer, get over it. I'm getting back into writing after a fallow period.

About My Journal: This is a writing journal, where I'll share snippets and process notes and maybe occasionally finished pieces. (If you're looking for day-to-day stuff, you can find me at [ profile] meepalicious. Just say that you saw my intro here.)

What I Write: age range: mostly kidlit (MG/YA)
genre: both of my current WIPs are contemporaries with a little humor; often, but not always, epistolary; used to write fantasy, but I haven't done that in awhile

What I Don't Write: horror, thriller, mystery… anything too scary, really

What I Read: lots of kidlit (it's my job); microhistories

What I Don't Read: see: the things I don't write

Could I Edit Someone Else's Work: I'd be happy to beta read or sensitivity read* for someone, but I think my feedback would be most useful for kidlit writers, because that's what I'm familiar with as a professional (librarian) and hobbyist (writer).

*I can sensitivity read for…: lesbianism, asexuality, childhood death of a parent

I used to be [personal profile] perfectworry here, so if you recognize that name and you miss me, let me know! I'd like to get back into the Dreamwidth writers' community, so I'm looking for new friends and old.
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