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About Me:  My favorite genres are fantasy and science fiction. I've been on live journal and later dreamwidth since 2002. I'm in my forties, bi-polar, possibly ADD, identify as queer, and currently not sufficiently employed. I am a lurker by inclination and due to social malfunction. :D

About My Journal: It's part personal journal, part writing journal. I talk a lot about real life issues, my job hunt, previous jobs and my extremely on hold attempt to write content for content providers.  I also have a secondary writing journal that doesn't have a lot on it at the moment. Both journals have tip jars, and I've made a few attempts at affiliate marketing that didn't work very well because everyone is also broke. :D

What I Write: Original fic, fan fic, science fiction, fantasy, porn.  Meta, book reviews, long winded rants about writing and worldbuilding. (Mostly in the past, though I'd like to get back to that. I had a couple of years where I didn't write at all on dreamwidth because of Real Life Issues.)

What I Don't Write: I'm not sure I have a "what I don't write" just a "I'm less likely to write." For instance, I am really unlikely to write dystopias because dystopias are depressing and also kind of boring to me. I also won't write "angst," for pretty much the same reason! 

What I Read: Fantasy, science fiction, some mystery, romance (fan fic that's pairing centric specifically.) Meta/Fandom/Science Fiction/Fantasy as-a-subject, non fiction/history/forensics/interesting stuff for research purposes.  When I was younger I had an extreme love of post-apocalyptic fiction of the "small group of survivors/road warrior" persuasion and also the Destroyer series, which was a campy semi-satirical White Dude Masters Secret Asian Martial Art And Is an Assassin series.

What I Don't Read:  There are specific writers that I won't read, more than genres I don't read. (I will say I have very low interest in horror, thrillers and action/adventure/romance that doesn't have a supernatural/science fiction element.)

Could I Edit Someone Else's Work: I can possibly point out style/word choice/mood/worldbuilding/plot better than I could proof read/correct grammar/spelling. 
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